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So what's all the fuss going around about FRP materials? Well, this particular material is having a great impact in different industries ranging from the construction industry to waste water treatment to theme parks. They are even used in food processing plants, schools hospitals, convenience stores because of its conveniences and added benefits. But how and why they are so beneficial as compared to other traditional materials like aluminum, steel, timber or metallic items? Read this post to find out the answer.

1. Impact resistance

It is now proven that FRP materials will not deform or break down under any sort of impact like traditional materials. The reason behind this is the glass mat in the pultruded parts dispenses a load of impact to avoid any damage to the surface. The same mechanism even works in zero temperature.

2. Strength

Strength wise FRP materials are one of the strongest materials used in construction and industrial sector. The material has also got maximum flexural strength as compared to timber, aluminum, steel, etc., and even in lengthwise direction. Compression strength is LW- 30,000 psi and ultimate flexural strength is LW-30,000 psi.
3. Thermal properties

Construction FRP materials are a good insulator of low thermal conductivity. Traditional materials like aluminum and steel conduct heat but fiberglass materials maintain a fixed temperature. Heat and corrosion resistant feature of FRP product makes it even more popular in swampy and humid conditions.
4. Mass

Fibreglass material is only 1/4 the total mass of steel and 2/3 of aluminum. This is the factor which makes the material much convenient for its installation, lift, repairing. And thus results in low maintenance costs. Safety handrail systems made up of FRP materials are also in great demand when construction industries are concerned. They are designed keeping in mind the requirement of the industries and the areas where they are usually installed.

5. Sturdiness and resilience

Considering the stiffness of the FRP over traditional materials, it is up to 3.3 times tough and rigid as timber and it does not get deformed under any load. The modulus of the elasticity is 2.8 x 106 psi.

Now coming to its resilience then it is said that FRP products are having a hard finish. It is the gelcoat which is used for covering and coloring the product is mainly used for offering great hardness and more resilience.

6. Fabrication and cost

Fibreglass products can be self-fabricated that too with the help of carpenter's tools using diamond or carbon tip blades. There is no need of welding or any heavy methods for its fabrication. The cost is of course very low as compared to traditional materials because of its low maintenance cost.

Owing to all these reasons, FRP products are considered as an ideal product to be used for construction and industrial purpose. The inexpensive nature and other added benefits of the material make it highly popular as compared to other traditional products.

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