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When it comes to construction, GRP is one of the most popular and reliable name prevailing in the industry. For those who are not aware of what GRP is, GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic and it is made up of different grades of fibres and they are attached with the combination of polyester and epoxy resin. Along with being affordable, easy to install and versatile there are many other benefits which make people prefer GRP grating over conventional materials. Let’s get an insight about some of those benefits and reason.


What is the importance of GRP made gratings?

With the rise in the number of accidents, business owners have become more conscious regarding the quality of the product they are using for manufacturing flooring and roofing structures. Earlier gratings were made up of aluminum, steel and other related products but with the advent of technology, all those conventional products are replaced with GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic (also known as FRP). The major reason behind this is that FRP gratings minimizes the occurrences of slips and falls in the workplaces and ensure the safety of the employees.

What makes this product distinct from other?

In this section, I will discuss few points which make GRP distinct from other materials.

  • Highly conductive

Grating with GRP is offered with formulated carbon and in this way, it helps in eliminating dangerous static electricity. This anti-static feature makes GRP as one of the most important product to be used in electronic industries where the chances of equipment damage are more because of static electricity.

  • Cost effective

It is said that GRP costs a fraction of conventional materials like steel and aluminum. So, the companies using steel or iron can get the finished products at a cheaper price if they opt for GRP. Along with that GRP products hardly require any maintenance and the installation charges are also negligible. Now all these factors make this product one of the decent choices to be used for industrial purposes.

  • Non-sparking nature

This is another important feature of GRP and its non-sparking property makes it ideal to be used in the industries where installations are mainly done through hydrogen and other explosive gasses. It also helps in exterminating the chances of blasts or explosion because of sparks.

These are some of the pointers which make GRP distinct from other traditional materials. So, if you also want to make your workplace safe and secured then don’t wait for the second opinion and opt for GRP products.

Parting thought

You will different suppliers over the web offering GRP products and the best part is along with grating you can also have different products like Stair nosing, safety handrails, anti-fatigue mats and much more. Using all such products will make the place safe for the employees working over there. 

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