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Fibreglass reinforced plastics are the materials that are being used in different industrial settings as construction material and as safety guards too. These materials are being chosen by major industries for a varied range of applications and is better than it’s’ tradition alternatives like steel, aluminum and wood. Due to its strength and resilience in the harsh conditions, structural FRP are most common usage of the FRP materials where the beams and panels in the construction projects are made out of FRP.

Applications of the Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics Grating

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics grating (FRP grating) are used in various industries and manufacturing units to provide adequate strength to the structures involved in the construction projects. Over the years, FRP has been considered more useful and profitable investment in terms of construction materials and has been found to be better than its alternatives i.e., aluminum, steel and wood. Two heads put together is always better than one and that is why, the reinforced plastics constructed with mesh of glass and fiber is by far the strongest material in the industries. It has also been noted that it can withstand harsh environments and still remain, rust free and resilient to extreme stress factors. Thus, it has been noted as the best investment in the construction projects. These are some of the application industries of FRP:

  • Offshore Drilling construction is one of the major application site of FRP materials. At the marine construction sites, the materials used for construction are continuously exposed to high moisture content and needs to be corrosion resistant. FRP is corrosion resistant and light weight material that is incredible in its strength and thus is used for constructing beams and platforms.
  • Water treatment Plants need a material for construction that is not only strong and water resistant but is also chemical resistant. FRP is the choice of material to construct the piping channels and other structures to ensure the longevity of the structures.
  • Oil and Gas Plants are the industries where the structures and devices are being continuously exposed to factors like moisture and chemical exposure that can often weaken these structures in the long term. To avoid such nuisance FRP grating is chosen which provides strength, resistance against moisture and chemicals, is light weight and helps the construction project survive the adversities.

Why FRP grating is security mask for industries?

Workers working at the construction project and manufacturing units are continuously exposed to the risk of accidents. FRP grating has come forward to help the industries in the form of safety parts like stair nosing.

Stair nosing is the safety guard attached the stair edge which makes sure that the employees don’t slip off the stairs as these materials are generally anti-slip in nature. Falling from the stairs in an already risk-prone construction sites is one of the major point of concern of the workers and the employers. FRP made nosing for the stairs ensures safety and prevents any stair-fall injuries to occur.

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