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Introduction to FRP Grating

In the manufacturing industry, if a debate comes up about which material is presently the longest lasting in nature and strong to withstand rough times, the decision always ends up in the favor of fiberglass reinforced plastic grating or glass reinforced plastic grating. These materials are composite material in nature which is prepared by putting together a matrix of resin and fiberglass.

What are the benefits of using FRP structures?

Business is all about profit and about handling deals with utmost care and precision to ensure that the money invested doesn’t get doomed. As an industry willing to include the fiberglass structures should understand the benefit of using these materials.

  • Low installation expenditure: As the FRP grating materials are easier to transport from one place to another. Low shipping charges often indicates low installation charges gradually decrease with use of these grating materials.
  • Corrosion resistant: All the grating materials made up of GRP grating materials, are more preferable than the other metals because of its effective corrosion resistance.
  • The materials that are being used in construction of industries like petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical companies etc., have tested and defined that these grating products can withstand higher pressure and temperature.

Types and cost                           

While you are deciding on whether you should use FRP structures or not, let us look into the type of these structures available in the market. There are broadly two types of the material as follows:

  • Molded- The most corrosion resistant and least expensive type of grating material is the Molded FRP gratings. The molded grating is not brittle but it allows cutouts which in turn can allow pipe penetrations through it with least hassle. The prices included in rating the molded FRP gratings are generally a bit higher yet is the best manufacturing material at the cost it’s charging. The cost is decided according to quality of molding.
  • Pultruded: Pultruded types of gratings are stronger than the former type of grating. This type of grating is manufactured by unidirectional encasing of the glass in resin and securing the structure to protect the fiber and the resins. The grating material that results in corrosion resistant products and requires more glass for its manufacturing as compared to molded structures.

Industries which use GRP grating

Thus as we have walked through the archive of GRP grating structures and have found that there are various companies that are looking for products made up of the strongest manufacturing material. Some of the companies using these boards and materials for their manufacturing like aquaculture, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage, oil and gas companies.

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