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The industry with its vastness is an area always requires timely maintenance and enough access for the work personnel to carry out the job. The safety and security of employees are what comes as the foremost aspect in any workplace. The maintenance jobs and safe passage for the employees ensure fewer occurrences of mishaps and accidents.

What Creates the Mishaps?

The conventional materials and metals that have been in use for years now within an industry have failed miserably in providing adequate protection in the face of impending dangers. The dangers that happen to be as;

  • Liquid presence that happens to be the main cause behind slippages and falls
  • Corrosive chemicals     
  • High voltage presence of electricity and electrical appliances
  • The presence of extreme temperature zones.
  • Extreme load at times, proving to be too much for the materials to bear.

Possible and the Most Effective Solution:

Faced with challenges to this extent it has been of much research and debate for the industries to arrive at the possibly best solution when it comes to industry grade materials. Answering to this, have come forth the fibreglass materials or FRP or fibre reinforced plastic goods as they are called. The glass fibres and resin infused mesh of polymer is the just answer in the face of all the adversities that industries throw up. Thus the popularity of fibreglass ladders as one example of an FRP integrated access good.

Who Uses:

The FRP goods are extensively in use across industries like;

  • Marine
  • Various mineral extraction plants along with mining
  • Petrochemical based plants
  • Aquaculture
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Paper industry etc.

Extensive Use:

The FRP solutions integrated into access products have an extensive use in public infrastructural projects. The lists of products in this category are many. The popular products include various decking products, boardwalks, handrail structures etc. These structures previously used to be made of not so successful materials like the various metals or even timber.

In infrastructural ventures like pedestrian structures, the use of FRP adds strength and other characteristic features that are much valued. The features are;

  • Anti-rot characteristics
  • Ability to carry loads
  • Immune to any kind of corrosion.

It is these traits that are making the use of the structures quite popular in;

  • Bridges
  • Viewing platforms
  • Jetties etc.

The anti-slip characteristic features developed in the FRP materials like the pedestrian structures also serves up to be beneficial. Thus, it is said that FRP products are gaining importance in these days.

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