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An industrial structure has to endure internal harsh conditions as well as erratic weather patterns. There are very few materials or metals that can help hold on a structure or give adequate protection to the internal surroundings in the face of the harshest of adversities. The clever incorporation of technologies in the very latest of structural solutions has worked wonders so far.

The search for a durable and robust solution came to an end with the invention of construction FRP or fibreglass. Apart from the extensive use of fibreglass in a number of industry related products, the other usage in the present times happens to be in the making of industrial structures. Every industrial undertaking has its focus set on building structures that can undergo construction with the slightest of hassles and make way for a higher rate of returns. The fibreglass integrated structures are already quite popular with a number of architects, builders, engineers and construction specialists the world over. 

Fibreglass structural products like roofing and cladding, amongst others, brings in the much sought after stability and efficiency. The products are very much free to be used in every kind of constructional purpose irrespective of the diverse nature of the work. The FRP or fibre reinforced plastic as a material has its usability very much foretold in its features itself. The fibreglass integrated constructional materials to be used for structure related work are resistant to every form of corrosion and environmental decays. This quality is held in high regards as other than the external calamities, it is also the internal presence of extreme damage causing a corrosive environment that an industrial structure has to contain. 

Structural Products and Applications:

Industry graded fibreglass materials can happen to feature in a number of structures related materials from non-slip grating floors to channels, beams, pultrusions and custom fibreglass profiles. The usage of such products can further be discussed as:

  • FRP Beams: The product range under beams contain different constructional beams and stands. The beams since providing the maximum number of support, the corrosion free nature works very much in favor it. Other benefits of the FRP products are longer life cycle and lightweight nature.
  • Custom Made FRP Profiles: The custom made FRP profiles have helped as the support of live projects.
  • FRP Channels: The channels have an extensive use in various machine parts, insulation, transformers, switchgear and electrical chokes. It is thus the features of heavy load bearing capacity, with lightweight, non-corrosive characteristics that make FRP enabled structures a raging success.
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