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A handrail is generally designed for grasping by the hand to provide balance and stability for accessing stairs. These are common structures that are used along with escalators and stairs in buildings. These structures help to prevent injuries from falling or slipping.

There are many other places where handrails can be used, for example, bathrooms, ship’s gallery, platforms, etc. The purpose of placing them is the same as in others.

The handrails are made up of many things like wood, iron, steel, aluminium and fibreglass. According to the sellers, the fibreglass is now ruling the market. A composite mixture of resin and fibreglass helps to make FRP grating structures.

There are several benefits of using these handrails. Let us discuss them one by one.

Corrosion resistance- As the handrails are made up of fibreglass they are opposed to corrosion. They do not rust away and lasts longer than actually, you can imagine. This is because fibreglass is non-reactive to chemicals and moisture.

Virtual maintenance- The cost keeping these handrails are really lower than the handrails that are made of conventional metals. The rails do not need time to time maintenance and colouring. Thus, they are ideal to be used in corrosive settings.

Flame resistance- Fibreglass does not allow flames to make any kind of changes in it. That is why more and more offices use handrails anticipating the fact that these rails will provide safety when there are accidental cases of fire. Also, the structures will not burn down to ashes or deform with fire.

UV resistance- Even if the rails are placed right under the sun they will have no effects. This is because they are shielded from UV rays.

Thermal conductivity- The FRP handrails are totally non-reactive to electricity. They do not allow currents to pass through. Thus, there is no fear of the user getting electric shocks while accessing these handrails.

Light weight- Fibreglass is originally reinforced plastic (FRP). Therefore, the weight of the rails is very less. This is why it is easy to install and replace, a large number of skilled installers are also not required to fit them.

Therefore if you are thinking of installing handrails in your office or home, we advise you to install fibreglass handrails for safeguarding the place. These will maintain safety and prevent the persons from tripping down stairs. Also, these products are available in a wide variety of colours so they make the interiors look good. Choose them for their long lasting nature and you will not regret later.

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