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The hardness of the work floor surface contributes to job fatigue that hampers the overall productivity of the company. By compelling them to work in an uncomfortable environment throughout the day you are also depriving them of having a normal, healthy lifestyle. After working in such painful condition they hardly have the energy to enjoy blissful family life.


Back strain, tiredness and leg fatigue can be automatically reduced or relieved while standing on surfaces that are resilient rather than inflexible work floor. FRP grating is certainly the ideal solution to cope up with the situation. These lightweight, easy portable work platforms help the workers in relieving physical pain; by providing more comfortable work environment you can improve the productivity level.



It is developed by interweaved, thoroughly wetted FRP strand and thermosetting resin system is integrated while manufacturing the product. The fibreglass grating is designed to provide out-and-out strength in both directions and excellent chemical resistance. Let’s have a look on its other features that makes it an essentially ideal solution-



The product features high strength-to-weight ratio and is virtually maintenance free. Its durability makes it competent to provide long-term dependable service. FRP grating is integrated with an exceptional feature known as “memory” which enables it to spring back to the actual shape when deflected. You will be surprised to know that even major impacts cause little damage to the product.


Corrosion Resistance

The product is retardant to weathering and corrosion. With the integration of varied premium resin systems, FRP grating is built to provide excellent service in an extensive repertory of corrosive environments. Even after years of use it will not rust or rot. Unlike steel, for preventing FRP grating from corrosion no painting or scraping is needed.


Slip Resistance

Fall and slip are the common causes of industrial accidents. They can turn out to be quite damaging for the image and resource of any organization. Installation of the grating can prove to be effective in curbing the risk of accidents caused by slippery work area, spilled oils, water and detergent on the floor surface. Moreover, by installing a product like grating or anti-slip stairtreads you can also safeguard the integrity of the internal structure for years.



It’s nearly impossible to lift the steel grating without employing crane to do the task, but when it comes to access, carry and install the FRP grating only two or few more people can do the task comfortably. There will be no need to rent crane or lifting machine thus it is considered to be cost-efficient product in comparison to steel grating.


Last but not the least the installation and fabrication process are also easy to perform with standard power tools. The open molded grating solution has an integral grit top that offers positive traction in both dry and wet conditions.

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