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Stair nosing systems are thought to be an important and crucial equipment, which is considered as a must have item in all the multi stored buildings. They are not only used for adding a bit of elegance and sophistication to your stair cases, but to enhance the safety of your stair case by facilitating traction and griping power of your shoes. Apart from enhancing the level of security, these products also add comfort to the users as well by providing great support to their limbs, while climbing stairs.


Use of stair nosing systems in residential areas:

There are many houses and complexes available nowadays, which comes with numerous floors and therefore are either connected with lift or with staircases. People might not consider staircases that important, but these actually play an important role, especially during the time of emergency.  Hence, covering the stairs with stair nosing systems proves to be sensible and the best material that you can use for these systems is FRP or the very popular Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic.


FRP is considered as the best material for nosing systems because they provide the users with a wide variety of features. Let’s have a look at some of those excellent features of FRP:


Highly Robust:

One of the most exciting feature about FRP or the Fibreglass materials is that they are highly robust in nature. This means that one can make use of these materials in places where they would have to take immense pressure. Thus, they are majorly used in the factories and commercial areas.


Light weight:

These are also light weight in nature and thus, can be easily transported from one place to the other, without taking any external help. Most of the time, owners pay a huge amount in just transporting the materials. But with this material, you can transport it easily from one place to the other.


Electricity resistant:

Apart from the robustness and light weight nature, FRP also provides extensive electric resistivity to their users. This is one of the most important and crucial reason for which, they are used in the factories and industries in such a major way.


These are some of the most exclusive characteristic of FRP. Apart from these, there are various other features like resistivity to heat and moisture, resistivity to rust and lots more. Stair nosing is important equipment and it should be present in both commercial and residential areas. But make sure that they are made up of Fibreglass. There are many companies that offer you with these stair nosing systems and also provide you FRP Grating systems for ensuring better safety and security.

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