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According to the constructors, stair nosing is one of the most well-regarded, acceptable and effective system that restricts the number of accidents on stair cases. This is considered as the king of all the anti-slip systems and advanced technologies laid out till date, since the early days of 20th century. Since then, the market for anti-slip products has been occupied by stair nosing systems. You might have many questions regarding the need of these anti-slip structures. Well, that is obvious because nowadays, most buildings are high rise and nobody really makes use of stair cases.


But still, you will find a need of these stairnosing systems because stairs are used for the purpose of emergency and most of the time, foot traffic on stairs during emergency remains too high. In such situations, people can easily meet accidents, sometimes they are serious and sometimes they are not. So, it’s always better to keep yourself secured. And the best possible way to secure your life on stair cases is using stair nosing systems.


Other Uses of Stair Nosing Systems:

Apart from securing your life from accidents, these systems can also help in securing your staircases. They can act as a strong cover for the steep edges of your stairs, protecting them for getting damaged. These coverage also adds a new look to your stair cases, enhancing the overall appearance of your building or workplace.


Various Materials Used For the Manufacture of Stair Nosing Systems:

Numerous types of materials have been used for the manufacture of stair nosing systems. But every one of them didn’t prove to be that effective and helpful. Conventional materials like steel, aluminum, wood were highly used for manufacturing these structures at a time, but after the advent of FRP material, use of these materials became slowed and gradually obsolete. This is because FRP came with numerous advantages, which no other materials could challenge. Some of those advantages are:


  • Extensively Robust- This makes the material a perfect choice for industries and factory usage.


  • Light Weighted- They are robust but don’t weight much, which makes transportation much easier.


  • Cost Effective- FRP also costs much less than those conventional materials and thus, most manufacturers now makes use of this material and not steel.


These are some of the most highlighting feature about FRP. Apart from these, there are various other interesting features that have made Fibreglass a superior option in the market. Apart from stair nosing systems, FRP is also used for manufacturing grating structures.

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