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The world of construction hosts a range of advanced materials that has come into existence in recent times related to make the buildings stronger. In the conventional ages, the architects used materials like wood, iron and steel for varied constructional purposes. However, they had certain disadvantages for which, structures made from those materials were prone to more damage in case of exposure to harsh conditions. Though, wooden and steel products come with superior strength and durability, they do not possess enough resistance properties against acid, moisture and electricity.

The architects and builders of contemporary times use FRP (Fiberglass reinforced polymer) that has got huge acceptance in constructing a varied range of products. Construction of stairways is one such area, where the products of FRP pultrusions are widely being used. While accessing the staircase, many people face serious accidents. Catering to this concern, use of FRP ensures better protection, thereby minimizing the number of accidents.

Use of FRP as a Stair Nosing Solution

Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is a compound material, which is manufactured from the pultrusion process. Compared to other conventional products, these products come with superior features and some of it are hereby discussed.

Formability and Strength

 In comparison with aluminum and steel, FRP is a stronger material that has the potential to withstand extensive pressure and can be shaped into diverse shapes and forms. The FRP products are commonly used across various industries, because the strength and weight of this material are indirectly proportional.  Because of this resin percentage of composition in the FRP materials, they are considered as extremely strong and sturdy. 

Reducing the Number of Accidents

The prime reason for making use of FRP products while constructing stairways is to minimize the risk of accidents. During busiest hours of the day, people often encounter serious accidents due to rush. In such kind of circumstances, it is essential to use an anti-slip product. Concerning this point, FRP serves to be the perfect choice as they possess phenomenal property of slip resistance.

Additional Space

Often, stairways do not come with sufficient space for which, people do not feel comfortable to step on them. Lack of sufficient space often, leads to serious accidents. With the efficient FRP stair edging products, this problem is solved to a huge extent as because, these materials are designed to extend a little bit, thereby offering additional space to stairs and making them more functional.

So, inclusion of FRP structures as a phenomenal product in developing effective stair nosing solutions is a superior choice for the builders to ensure greater safety and security. Since, utility and safety are two prime concerns while constructing a building, make sure to utilize this revolutionary material to bring more functionality to the structures. 

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