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Stairways are common in every building and infusion of safety material makes it safe for use. Since, this is the part of the building where most of the accidents takes place, safety is necessary. Number of accidents can be observed more in the workplaces and other public areas. Ensuring safety is the primary lookout for every owner as accidents can lead to severe damage. With numerous study and experience, various safety measures have been taken. One of the most preferred techniques is stair nosing. This is an amazing technique that helps to prevent slips and falls.


For the purpose of stair nosing, numerous materials can be used. From the many options, the latest discovered FRP products seem to be the ideal one. Since, they are solely for reducing the number of accidents, fibreglass products seem to be the perfect choice. In addition to this, they play a major role in enhancing the looks of an area to a dramatic extent. Let us find out the benefits of this system, but before that let us find out what exactly is stairnosing.


What Actually is Stair Nosing:

As the name refers, the entire process is applied to the stairs to make it safe for use. This is considered as the best way to protect stairs, as well as people. In this technique, a material is being used on the surface of the stairs. The embedded materials decrease the number of accidents to a commendable extent by protecting the edges.


These products are manufactured in a specific way that it covers the entire surface of the stair. In addition to this, the colors and designs of pultruded FRP materials enhance the look to a dramatic extent. Now let us find out the advantages of stair nosing.



Reduces Number of Accidents:

The primary reason for using this system is to reduce the number of accidents. In the busiest hours of a day, due to rush very often people encounter accidents. In such circumstances, making usage of an antislip product is essential. FRP fits perfectly since, they possess the antislip property. Hence, with FRP stair edging system safety is undoubtedly ensured.


Added Space:

Very often, stairs are not spacious enough for stepping properly. Lack of space sometimes becomes a major reason for an accident. With the effective FRP stair edging system, the problem with space is easily solved. The materials are made in a way that it extends little bit from the original thereby becomes beneficial.


Proper Visibility:

Many times, since the stairs look alike, people often miss a step and result in an accident. But making usage of fibreglass products puts an end to this problem. Their various colors become a help for the people as it offers proper visibility.


This revolutionary process helps to reduce accidents to a huge extent. Making use of the products of FRP pultrusions have become a great help for the engineers. Get hold of these products and ensure safety in a better way.

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