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FRP engraved gratings and materials are widely utilized for commercial purposes. The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) gratings are basically produced with resin and fiberglass which enables it to become a composite material. These are more corrosion resistant as compared to the steel made gratings and this competent feature is one of the most useful benefits of it. FRP gratings are widely utilized in the extensive corrosive and hazardous atmosphere. Moreover, one can cut down the maintenance expenses with the usage of this kind of gratings.


Manufacturing Process

FRP gratings are manufactured with the help of two main processing methods which are pultrusion process and molded grating process. Molded grating comprises of square knotted patterns which resemble a chessboard. However pultruded grating is made with the help of parallel bearing bars. Molded gratings can support the weights from any direction, but pultruded gratings can withstand the weight associated with the direction of the bearing bars.



FRP grating are quite affordable, durable and lightweight and thus have a wide array of benefits. With respect to composite grating, it is considered as a brilliant substitute to metal grating where corrosion, rust and chemical attack are the main issues to be dealt with. Moreover, the presence of fiberglass and resin in the configuration of FRP grating makes it hard thereby decreasing the requirement of maintaining it. It reduces the installation time required as compared to other substitutes and therefore it is quite convenient to install thereby reducing the overall expenses related to construction. Moreover, FRP adds to the safety quotient of your workplace as it helps to eliminate the electrocution risk as it is non-metallic and non-conductive. One more feature which boosts the improvised benefits of FRP is its flexibility quotient which enhances its load bearing capacity. FRP structures have relevant environmental advantages as they are reasonably lighter and also possess good mechanical properties and is fire retardant.


Area of Operation

FRP gratings have a wide and expanded area of operation and are being used in various diversified sectors. It is widely used in several industries like waste water treatment units, food processing units, chemical plants, plating shops, lift stations, aquariums, power plants for canning and beverage purposes.


Thus, FRP grating has got wide acceptance all over the world because of its significant range of benefits and is considered to be one of the most highly competent platforms of composite grating.

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